7 Secrets to Choosing Your Wedding Color Scheme


You might not think too much about your wedding color scheme and yet it’s one of the most important parts, even when you’re following a wedding website. However, without a proper color scheme, your wedding might not get off to the flying start you’d like. That is why it’s necessary to find some simple ways to help choose your wedding color scheme. What should you consider when choosing your wedding color palette?

Neutrals Shades Aren’t the Only Choices

While it’s usually safe to stick with neutral shades, they really aren’t the only options to consider. Yes, neutrals are nice but again, you can look at other more un-neutral shades. Bolder colors are great because they can add some ump to your wedding. The color palette or scheme needs to be unique so forget the neutrals, be bolder. Your wedding color picker can help select a few colors that can compliment your big day.

What Do You Like?

It’s necessary to consider what colors you like and dislike. If there are color schemes you think won’t match or that don’t go together, use your best judgment. To find the ideal color schemes, you have to think about what you like. This will be the only simple and effective way to finding suitable wedding color schemes. You can of course go online to a wedding website and find a few ideas or can just go with what you already know.

Look At Online Wedding Sites for Some Inspiration

You might think a wedding color picker will be the only thing for you to turn to but is it? Sometimes, you need inspiration to get your mind thinking and there’s nothing better than the internet. You can go online and find a lot of wedding-themes sites that offer some real help and inspiration. This may just make your task far simpler. Also, it could really open your mind to something new and exciting.

Subtle Choices Are Sometimes More Suitable

Bold isn’t necessarily bad but sometimes, it can overtake your wedding. Remember, your color scheme should appeal to you in more ways than one. You don’t want to choose colors that are too out there because it can steal the limelight which isn’t ideal. Sometimes you are best suited to subtle colors. Now, you might think subtle isn’t going to be ideal for your wedding but in truth it can be far better. You can find the color schemes don’t overtake the wedding or your dress! Look at a wedding website and see what type of colors work together.

Be Creative

It’s time to unleash your creativity. Your creative side should play a crucial role in choosing your wedding color schemes. If you want something in particular, imagine how that’ll look in your wedding. Also, being more creative allows you to find colors you wouldn’t normally use and that can be perfect. A wedding color picker can produce some fantastic results and you should consider using them also. It can make your wedding a little more special.

Be Unique

You want a secret when it comes to choosing your wedding color scheme, well; you have to think about what makes your wedding unique. What colors do you prefer to use and what is going to make your wedding standout from the rest? You don’t have to be too crazy and go for a color scheme that’s too out there but you can make it so it’s more unique on your part. Look at a wedding website and look at how other wedding color schemes plan out. Sometimes, it’s mixing and matching your colors that produce the best results.

Have a Wonderful Wedding

For most, choosing a wedding color scheme can seem impossible. It really is a hard choice as there are many options to consider. However, this can also be a very simple task if you think about it. Hopefully the above seven tips or secrets will allow you to make an easier decision. Use a wedding color picker and get the best color schemes for the wedding.