Your Spring Wedding – How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Colors

One of the first decisions in wedding planning is selecting wedding colors. The colors that you select will set the foundation upon which you base many other decisions such as the invitations, flowers, bridesmaid and groomsmen clothing, centerpieces, the cake and other decorations.

Due to the far-reaching effects of wedding colors, the impact that they will play in crafting the wedding and reception’s overall look and feel, it is critical that the colors that are selected are carefully considered. Spring colors are a popular choice when selecting colors for your wedding.

A spring wedding can occur any time during the year. A spring wedding can focus on one or more of the popular spring colors. These include pink, blue, green and yellow. These colors can be used alone or in combination or with other colors. For example, for a yellow spring wedding a bride may want to consider using varying yellows with some orange site for more information.

A bride may also choose to soften her wedding colors by using white as accompaniment to other spring colors. A spring wedding offers a variety of beautiful of soft colors to the wedding color palate.
If these have been selected for the wedding, it now becomes the time to consider ways in which to incorporate these into the overall wedding plan.

The first way to being showcasing them is to use these in invitations and save the date cards. An invitation may be selected that showcases your colors or envelopes lined with the spring color can be used.

Try to select bridesmaid dresses that are consistent with your wedding colors. Groomsmen should also wear coordinating ties or vests. All clothing worn by members of the wedding party and family should be consistent and showcase your spring colors.

Flowers can also be selected in your spring color. Roses are available year-round in many different spring colors. A florist will be able to show a variety of flower options that are available in selected colors during your wedding season.

Colors can be shown to the cake designer. This will allow a cake to be created that is consistent with the spring wedding color scheme. Decoration and favors can also showcase your colors.

Wedding Invitations: The last but just as important consideration is your wedding invitations. Because these will set the tone and establish your theme and colors, it is crucial that the wedding invitations be part of the color puzzle. If you have an unlimited budget and know that you will have custom made invites then you can probably skip this step.see post from

Spring WeddingHowever, if you don’t plan to spend $1,000 on your invitations then looking at options that will complete your vision is vital prior to solidifying your colors. Do this and your friend and family with have the first impression you want for your wedding day.

Whatever the spring color that has been selected, there will be a variety of ways to showcase it in your wedding planning. Remember that the wedding colors that you select will play a huge role in many decorating decisions.